About us

Linguists Asia is a translation company and a language solution provider established by a group of linguists and translators who have worked in the translation field for many years. Based in Hong Kong, we provide translation, certified translation, transcription, interpretation, and other language related services in Chinese, English, and all major languages.

We are committed to provide you top-quality services tailor-made to your needs within your budget. Feel free to call us during office hours, or email us anytime for any questions related to languages.

If you would like a quotation for our translation service, please email us the document(s) along with as much information as possible on your requirements (deadline, source and target language(s), format of the documents, etc.) in order for us to provide you an accurate offer. The quotation will be sent to you within one business hour.

Please note that translation rates depend on several factors: Source and Target Languages, Delivery Deadline, Technicality, Volume, Format, etc.



TranslationWe offers professional translation services in Chinese, English, and all major languages. With qualified and specialized professional translators in different fields of expertise across the globe, our translation service cover a wide range of subject areas, from business and technical documents such as flyers, user manuals, training materials for corporate communication, company reports and brochures, to legal texts such as certificates, contracts, judgments, M & A, and financial documents (annual reports and prospectuses). Combining with our stringent quality assurance process to ensure that our translation services are of the highest professional standard, we can always provide top quality service at your request.
Certified Translation For translation of documents involving foreign language(s) that need to be submitted to the courts or other government agencies, certification is often needed in order for the translation to be accepted. Depending on the submitting authorities, we can provide certified translation services according to the required guidelines and standards. Here's a list of documents that might require certified translations: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, education certificates or transcripts, court orders... etc.
Other Services We also provide services such as interpretation, localization, typesetting, proofreading, editing, transcription, copywriting, language and cross-cultural training, and language related services tailor-made to your needs.

Feel free to contact us for consultation, to design a customized solution or program most suitable to you or your company.

QA Process

Quality Assurance Process

1. Translation
After reviewing the overall scope of a translation project, our Project Manager will carefully assign the project to the most suitable translator(s) who is/are native speaker(s) of the target language(s) for translation, based on the content of the project and expertise of our translators.

2. Editing
All translations are edited by another equally qualified, professional translator(s), specifically targeting grammar, typography, word choice, etc. The editor(s) will provide feedback to the initial translator(s) for improvement.

3. Formatting
All translations are formatted to match the original document with the same application that was used to lay out the source document, or as instructed by the clients. Meanwhile, all translations will also be checked for any human errors such as typos or omissions.

4. Proofreading
Each translated file is proofread by our in-house proofreaders, reviewing the translated text line-by-line alongside the source document. To ensure all our deliverables meet the requirements, all translation projects go through at least three professional linguists.

5. Final Review
The Project Manager will verify if the translation meets the original specifications before delivery, making sure the layout, page numbers, proper names, and other details match the source document one last time. Our delivery schedule depends on the volume of the source document(s) and the timeline discussed before the start of the translation project.